Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week Two of The Year of the UFO

I've promised myself to tackle some of the many unfinished projects that I've moved with my USAF family over the years. A lot of these projects are unfinished because of my attention lapsing when something newer and shinier came along. But some were a result of hitting a snag in my ability or skill set at that point in my life, and it is definitely time to reclaim them.

A New Year's resolution of mine is to be more attentive to the project at hand. Focus until finished. That being said, I spent last week finishing a beautiful log cabin quilt I started a few years ago for my mother.

I had pieced the "core" of the quilt--all the blocks--and it only needed borders. What stopped me years ago was that I had decided the blocks needed one more round of lattice of the pretty floral to "float" and frankly I was sick of it. More 11" strips to cut...so I put it away. As you can see, I changed the design, and instead put a narrow border of the dark rust from the cornerstones, a wider 3" border of the floral, and then another narrow light rust border.

I opted for a piano key border to finish off the quilt (I just love the effect), and then planned to bind with the same light rust as that last border.

I love using my longarm table to pin borders. The bulk of the quilt is managed so easily.

I thought this quilt needed some beautiful feather quilting, and since I'd chosen a light green solid backing fabric, a strong rust thread would look beautiful on the back. My machine is sewing like a dream, and the Glide thread just glistens. I bought "Fantasy Feathers" from itsaquiltthing.com and started painting feathers on...

I am still stitching the binding, but will finish it up today. I will post final pictures before it's mailed off to my mom's (apparently soon-to-be repainted and refurbished to match the quilt!) master suite (sorry, Dad!).

I have already chosen UFO2 for my next project! Update next week!


  1. That quilt is so drop-dead gorgeous!! I can hardly wait to get it!!! Joy - JOY - JOY!!!

    1. It's really snugly! Art meets utility...my favorite part of quiltmaking. Love you!

  2. Just beautiful! I love how the final texture!

    I'm so ignorant about quilting nomenclature. . . . But, when you said "painting on feathers" . . . ??? Is that just a metaphor for programming your machine for that quilting pattern?


    1. Yes, just a metaphor! I think about the quilting and addition of the textures as painting. :)


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