Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013

New logo!

I am so excited to have a new logo, and business cards on the way. I have been using one of my favorite images (Ocracoke lighthouse) and printing my own cards, 10 at a time. But much to my surprise, business is growing leaps and bounds, so real cards were in order.

Here's a sneak peek!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bindings today, quilting tomorrow!

Two bindings hand-stitched today.

Two quilts in the frame tomorrow!

Ready, set, go...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


One of the quilts I finished this summer was a batik quilt I had pieced a few years ago. I am still learning something new about my machine on each quilt I try, and after experimenting on a kit I made for my beloved granddaughter "Gingersnap," the fractions quilt seemed a nice place to start.

I found a lovely sunflower print batik for the back at Cotton Fields (, where I got the pattern originally, and many of the fabrics. I used a "classic pantograph" computerized stitch on my Pfaff p3 powerquilter, and played.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Catching up from a busy summer!

Island Time Quilting has had a busy September. It has been a joy to watch the children and school buses return to their routines, and begin setting and figuring out my own routine without the driving forces of the school year.

I had a wonderful time quilting five antique quilt tops, adding the finishing touches to tops that their grandmother was unable to complete in her lifetime. I also taught a friend to quilt, and had the opportunity to quilt her first quilt (which we all agree is the prettiest "first quilt" we've ever seen) as a graduation gift for her high school senior. I have met several new clients, and my business has given me the chance to make new friends. I finished a couple of my own, slipping them on the frame between customer quilts. I quilted my first (of many, I'm sure!) t-shirt quilt, and it was just fabulous.

Every day I learn something new about my quilting system, and I get a little more practice in using the computer to its optimum usage. I have loved working with Glide thread, and plan to order some of the Magna-Glide bobbins soon to experiment with them.

I am looking forward to building my business with a consistent client base and making even more friends in the community of local quilters. Honestly, when I started this business last summer, I expected that most of my customers would be my small group of dear friends who come to my house each week to quilt. The "Sugar Creek Quilters" have been stitching together for nearly 9 years now.

I am going to try to blog much more regularly and I'll get some pictures up soon!

Sew busy!