Friday, March 7, 2014

Quilting on the go!

I am going to get to do some traveling for the next month, and as a result, I find myself contemplating quilting portability. In the olden days, all one needed were scissors, needle, thread, scraps of fabric, and cardboard templates in order to quilt. Personally, I am very grateful to be quilting in the 21st century, where my vast array of tools, quality fabrics, and super fast computerized sewing machines make quilting a breeze! I'm exceptionally spoiled by my longarm quilting machine. I finished up this beauty earlier this week, named "Perfectly Feathered."

But, while I travel, I will want to make some progress on the backlog of UFOs I have scheduled to finish this year (my self-proclaimed "Year of the UFO"), and started considering the hand-stitching projects I can work on in the car, as well as the piecing projects I can cut-and-kit to pull out my traveling Bernina during the day.

I have three bound quilts that need hand-stitching on their bindings to be "finished" so those are easy car projects. We have plenty of room in our vehicle, so I don't have to pick and choose what to bring. I am currently machine-stitching a Dresden plate project, so if I can get those blocks assembled, then I can hand-appliqué to my heart's content on those blocks while on-the-road. 

Finally, I have a magnificent replica crib quilt that is 50% complete from years-and-years-and-years ago...hand-quilting. So, I'd just need my hoop, thimble, and threads to quilt up the rest of my extra time on the road.

And it turns out there's a quilt show or two "on the way" so I'll get a chance to add to the project list, and probably increase my stash a bit with some new vendors to explore.

Finding quilting to do is no challenge, here or on the road! 

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