Friday, September 12, 2014

Where did August go?

August came and went, and now September is nearly gone...and I've been too busy to blog! Time to catch up on some of the activities that ended my summer quilting spree.

I finished my summer Bible study with Beth Moore's Children of the Day, and had a small window of time before many deadlines were going to hit, so we made time for us. My hubby and I got to take a quick trip to our favorite getaway, Ocracoke, NC. We actually made a fun trip of it, flying over to First Flight, then Manteo for the aquarium, and around the point at Hatteras, and spending two days biking on Ocracoke Island. Lots of vacation packed into an overnight trip!

We came back just in time for the big announcement from our daughter and son-in-law. They are expecting a second girl, due New Year's Day, and already named Beverly Ruth after both great-grandmothers. We have a big sister who is very excited.

I had the opportunity to quilt this cross-stitched quilt. My client had finished an UFO that her sister had begun, and I helped finish it out with an all-over hand-guided meander. I even had the opportunity to bind this one, so I got to see it completely finished.

I have a friend who had three quilts ready for me, and I finished them in just two days.

Did you know I have a Facebook page? If you follow me on Facebook, you can see many more pictures of these quilts and more! I try to build a photo album there of every quilt I finish. Island Time Quilting on Facebook

Another regular client brought me three wall-hangings, and I particularly enjoyed how diverse they were. It's nice to meet someone who has as eclectic preferences as I do!

And then, this little person keeps me pretty busy. I love being her Grams, and she is my Gingersnap. (Although, she says, "My name is Erin Mina Bosse'; you can call me Erin.") We've had a couple of slumber parties.

Her mom and I are participating in the Community Bible Study here in town for the school year, so now I get to see her every Thursday morning, and even have lunch afterwards. We are on the "Best Macaroni and Cheese" tour of our local restaurants. So far we've tried McAlister's Deli and Olive Garden. Both have received rave reviews from our critic.

Last but not least, my beautiful college ladies had a terrific recruitment this fall. Alpha Omicron Pi has a new member class of 73 women, and a chapter total of 175. That's so fabulous to me. When I started advising at East Carolina University, the chapter total was smaller than this pledge class!

I've been incredibly busy just this week with a huge custom quilting project, plus several quick quilting projects for some special customers. I'll catch up on those sometime this weekend! Thanks for reading my blog. It always surprises me that anyone other than my mom was please leave me a comment. It'll make my day.

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