Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Scrappy Cats

Here is the second of Irene's lovely donations to #quiltsfortupelo Quilts of Compassion. I named this one "Scrappy Cats." My granddaughter identified the animals in the border fabric as owls at first glance (she's 2, so cut her some slack!), because of the large prominent eyes. She quickly reassessed to "kitty cats" once she spotted the tails. Ha!

You might remember my friend Liz's quilt from the blog last week:

THEY ARE THE SAME PATTERN! Cool, huh?!? It's wonderful how versatile quilting can be.

Irene pieced her quilt with a lovely variety of prints.

The fabrics play together with fun abandon. I can just imagine the child that will receive this quilt discovering favorite bits for years. Can you tell I'm in love with scrap quilts?

The green striped binding is the perfect finish, and Irene planned the inner border and matching binding to give a nice frame to the mix of scraps. Look at that gorgeous back fabric!

I quilted this one in a simple open meander, with Glide "Turf" green thread. I had a spool of Mettler silk finish thread in the perfect color for top stitching the binding.

It's not too late for YOU to support Quilts of Compassion. If you are a quilter, please contribute a quilt of any size. Just comment here or email me at . If you are not a quilter, this all volunteer organization can use donations. Read about the mission of Quilts of Compassion here:

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