Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Today I am hand-quilting...it's been so long since I have attempted the art of quilting by hand that I am really working on my inner dialogue. You know, that hypercritical voice that judges everything you do, and finds it wanting? (Oh, am I the only one that has that voice in her head?!?)

But this year, I am trying to take every thought captive, and be as kind to myself as I try to be to others. So, the inner critical voice is getting a lot of reframing while I load one or two stitches at a time on this lovely new black goldeye needle. In and out...breathe...patience...that'll do...

There are many lessons in quilting that have nothing to do with fabric.


  1. no you're not the only one, my inter voice screams at times. i also need to try and do the same and be kind to myself. love this quilt it is beautiful. great colors

    1. Thanks so much! I believe it is important to listen to the voice of truth (as the song goes). I don't want to settle for less than I can do, but I definitely want my inner drive to be encouraging, not mean-spirited! I've been doing a fitness program that has a mantra, "Do your best and forget the rest!" Seems to be working! Thanks for stopping by!


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