Monday, March 17, 2014

A Different Place, A Different Pace

We are traveling for DH's avocation this month, so my quilting is on the road as well. I put together some adorable Dresden plate blocks that I am hand appliquéing to Kona white squares. I seem to be finishing one per day. I explained to DH that with appliqué, you match the thread to the patch, not the background. He was very surprised that I couldn't do the entire quilt with white thread.

It takes some planning to be road-ready for quilting, but it is a hobby that can be accomplished in the interstices of time of your day, wherever you may be...and those little bits add up.

I did get to visit the local quilt shop on Friday, and bought this fun hand-quilting accessory...

I miss my zippy sewing machines, but I am happy to wear a thimble, and hold a needle for a few days. This month, I'll be the turtle. After all, the hare took a nap and lost the race. 😉

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