Monday, April 30, 2018

May is Tailwind Month!

I'm going to host a sew-along on my Instagram account this month. That sounds like a big deal, but honestly, I overgram there all the time, so what's really going to happen is that I'm going to make a bunch of Tailwind blocks, figure out how I want to set them, and sew them up with some kind of directions for every one who wants to follow along.

Usually I have a bit more of a plan when I am starting something new, but since I designed this block four years ago, I haven't really designed a different setting than my original "Island Flight" quilt design. There are a lot of options for a 8" finished block, particularly since this one can easily be set on point. After all, airplanes have all sorts of attitude. I think I'll end up making Tailwinds from both my hoarded stash of Janet Clare's Flight fabric for Moda Fabrics, and also from my stash.

AOPA design.

I got this amazing t-shirt when we were at Sun 'N Fun last month, and it's inspired me to make a "girly" aviation quilt. I routinely hear, "Oh, good, an airplane block is perfect for my grandson/son/nephew," but I like to remember there is a rich history of women in aviation. In fact, it was the professionalism of the recent Southwest Airlines accident that prompted me to finally get the Tailwind block on paper and online after four years.

If you want to sew-along, I'll post here once a week or so, but Instagram is usually every day (and more than once, to be honest), so follow me there for the latest. You'll find all the instructions and the template in my previous post HERE and it's really up to you just how big you go with the finished quilt. Personally, I want to make a boy version baby quilt and a girl version baby quilt, and then I may make a lap quilt for my kids (so, times two). I bought five yards of the Kona Cobblestone background pictured above, and will probably use Kona Silver or Kona Snow for my "girl" version. You can get two airplane blocks from ONE 2.5" width of fabric strip by adding your background of choice.

Pull out some fabric today, and let's start sewing tomorrow!

And by the way, in case you don't know, we are a retired USAF family. My hubby builds experimental aircraft for fun (he's finished three), and is also an airframe and powerplant certified mechanic. He's currently rebuilding a 1968 Citabria 7KCAB. For fun, we participate in our local Experimental Aircraft Association chapter, and we just recently finished the Wright Flight Program this year, where we flew 183 fifth grade students (and a parent) for a "first flight" reward for achieving their goals in that program. We try to attend both Sun 'N Fun and Oshkosh AirVenture every year. So, spending May making planes is just another month in aviation for me. GRIN.

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