Saturday, July 5, 2014

Born on the Fourth of July

My charity quilting partner and friend Irene T. from San Diego, CA sent me a beautiful project designated for the Quilts of Valor Foundation ( As soon as I saw it, I knew that it would make a perfect way to spend the 4th of July! I know, that means technically I was working on a holiday, but my work and play overlap tremendously...and I am satisfied with that.

Irene always sends a perfectly pieced top, with ample backing and her binding premade. It simplifies my role enormously. I donate the batting, thread, quilting service, and attach the binding. I am so glad Irene and I have found one another.

I chose the "Check and Chase" pattern, and Glide Mocha thread. Even on this patriotic quilt, the golden tan Mocha thread blends and complements nicely. I finished quilting this 68"x80" quilt in about five hours. I stitched the binding using my trusty Bernina 1130.

"Let Freedom Ring," July 4, 2014, Irene T & Lori M for QOVF

This final picture is a lesson on behalf of all longarm quilters everywhere. When your quilter asks for 4-6" of extra backing and batting on every side of your quilt top, it is not only for the convenience of attaching everything to the frame's leaders. Many quilt patterns need to be stitched off the edge of the quilt to cover the borders adequately. This "Check and Chase" pattern leaves a large empty space due to the deep nesting for each row. Irene always makes sure I have plenty of room to work!

Consider making a charity quilt this year! Gift it to Quilts of Valor, Quilts of Compassion, or any of a number of quilting organizations that meet people in need with a quilted hug...or honor the service of an American patriot.

I'm going to end with a favorite quote from a favorite Patriot:

“There are two types of education… One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live.” - John Adams

Live well. Love abundantly. Learn new stuff. Laugh a lot. Leave a legacy.

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